Morris Pentel

Founder & Chairman of Customer Experience Foundation

CXWorkshop: Asking Better Questions and Measuring Customer Emotions



Morris is a Customer Experience and Contact Strategy Designer and runs one of the most respected private Customer Experience and Contact Strategy consulting business in the world, The Customer Experience Foundation.Based in the UK he has a track record for successful work for some of the largest institutions and government organisations all over the world for more than 30 years as a Consultant, Designer and Futurologist.  As an Advisor to some of the world’s largest retailers and their suppliers he has influenced the design of Omni Channel Customer Experience across the Globe today.His work has included project bringing together the best in breed of new technology from some of the worlds’ largest technology organisations at Europe’s largest Retail Technology Event.He is an exceptional public speaker who engages audiences with a passion for his subjects and a great sense of humour.  He has hosted and spoken at numerous events and has had many articles published across the world and is now working on his first book. He is regarded as a leading thinker in business science pioneering Contact Strategy and Customer Experience as well as both the cost modelling of customer experience and the use of social media.  His work on Customer Experience, Value Models and Organisational Structures is now considered to be part of current best practice.

He identified Customer Power as a Disruptive Innovation in 2011. 


Chairman of Customer Experience Foundation (CXFO) the oldest and most respected CX business science & training network of globally recognised expertsPopular writer/speaker/broadcaster/event chairman and Chief Editor CXDaily.News. A leader and pioneer in the Measurement Customer Emotion ,Customer Experience Design & Engineering tools SME for global organisations and governments around the world for 20 years
Cost Reduction/Revenue Improvement through CX.

Process and ExperienceGlobally recognised experience designer futurologist, speaker and writer on the future of contact new technology & strategies, designer of customer experience & customer contact strategy. Customer Value, Measuring Customer Emotion, Applied Technology, Contact Strategy, CRM, Customer Service, Social Media, Voice of the Customer. He designed Graphical Contact Routing.He has directed BPR for more than 35 years delivering Best Practice and Leadership Programmes in senior roles in major institutions. He is proud that people have scored some of my training programmes 11 out of 10! His system for measuring customer emotions is at the CXFO approach. He has always been involved in the development and practical application of Business Science to real organisational issues and held Chairs in Business Science at UoC and InCosI. Currently he does 20 guest lectures for institutions around the world a year.



Asking Better Questions and Measuring Customer Emotions

“Emotions drive all of our decision making so it is vital that organisations have a common sense approach to understand how emotions impact the decisions of customers. They are the difference between profit and loss because they are the difference between good and bad experiences.

The Measuring Customer Emotions workshop is based on the book Measuring Customer Emotions – A practical guide.

It provides a basic principles of measuring emotion and how to using MCE tools.  This is a highly interactive session with delegates building an emotion model during the 90 minutes session.”

Transform your organisation with a single new habit; asking slightly different questions. Simply by rephrasing questions and scoring them in a different way, you can increase the amount of data you get. Learn about the practical steps you can take to use this data more effectively.

CXFO is about the relationship with the customer & the trends of future that affect us now.

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