"Strategic Complaint Management" Workshop by Sarah Cook in Athens

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With the rise in social media, customers are becoming more vocal in expressing any dissatisfaction, which can both lose existing customers and alienate potential new ones.

During the "Strategic Complaint Management " Workshop ( organised by Secret Key in Athens, February 7) Sarah Cook , the International Customer Care Specialist and Author of the "Complaint Management Excellence" (Kogan Page) will provide practical advice, tools and techniques for managers to adopt when managing any complaints that come into their organisation.

In order to arrive at a culture where complaints are welcomed, the underlying values, processes, structure, strategy and people within an organisation all need to be aligned with, and respect customer needs. Not only does this improve the long-terms prospects for the company itself, but can have a tremendous knock-on effect in terms of boosting employee morale and engagement.

With case studies and examples from companies as diverse as Sears, Virgin, Giffgaff, Tesla, Fedex, Natwest Bank ..

Sarah Cook will explain what customers are really looking for when they make a compliant, how to avoid conflict and how managers can lead culture change to ensure the best experience for all customers .

Sarah will also share successful tactics and methodologies in progressive escalation of complaints and will highlight the effectiveness of conflict handling and emotional intelligence diagnostic tools for the service teams.

For further information and registrations you can contact Secret Key : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (2106096921)

You can also visit the following link http://www.epixeiro.gr/article/73154

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