Colour can make or break your customers’ experience

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"At every step of the customer journey from the first point of contact you want to create an emotionally connection and help that connection thrive. In other words you want loyalty and raving fans. And you want to choose the behaviour of these raving fans. Do you want them to linger, to relax and take their time? Or do you want them to move quickly, make firm decisions and go?Whatever it is you want your customer to experience colour is at every touch point in that journey, quietly making those all-important emotive connections with your brand.That being said, it’s all well and good to make these emotive connections. However unless they are consistent and empowering your final goal for customers to make that all important purchasing decision, in your favour, this just may not happen."

Karen Haller,

Applied Colour Psychology Specialist


Guest Speaker to ACEF 2015 (May 14, 2015)

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