Apostolos Tsolakidis

  • User’s value calculation throughout his status. From his newsletter subscription and user registration to his Lifetime Value as a customer.
  • Cross selling + up selling. Take advantage of products’ specifications base and customer orders to improve user’s navigation and increase basket value.
  • Use of new technologies (Chatbot, AR, VR) for gamification and 360 approach. Packaging, receipt and shop window as a marketing tool.

Apostolos Tsolakidis

Apostolos Tsolakidis started out as a buyer in Plaisio S.A., where he was introduced with e-commerce and the very competitive retail industry. Under his responsibility were several tech categories and SKUs throughout the product cycle.

Shortly after, he participated in the startup business buldoza.gr of Kostas Gerardos and Panagiotis Gezerlis, where for 2.5 years he had worked with more than 30 suppliers, and created 150 product categories and over 10.000 SKUs.

His transition to www.you.gr of Quest Group, signified the company’s product mix expansion and focus to non-technological products. Within five years, 180+ new categories were created, such as small appliances, fitness products, gaming & toys, personal care, FMCG, earning significant market shares.

While graduating from AUEB’s Full Time MBA International,  he was promoted to Business Development Manager & Digital Marketing Specialist in www.you.gr.

From September 2016 he has been the Head of Digital at Pizza Fan. Under his responsibility is the Company’s online communication, online sales through the company's channels, the collaborations with Aggregators (such as e-food.gr, deliveras.gr etc), Social Media and synergies with other digital media and firms.



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