Sandy Hiladaki

Residential Customer Services Director Fixed & Mobile - COSMOTE

“Digital Success Empowered by Human Touch”

Successful Complaint Management Practices 

o   The complaint as opportunity    

o   Take it personal, take your time with the customer


Service Recovery practices & examples

o   I trust you  (Instant reconnection)

o   I care for you (Instant notification &  Alternatives when in Fault)


Innovation in critical touchpoints

o   From B2C and B2B to H2H

o   Be were the customers are

o   Remote Resolution (Ufixit)

o   Video Call


People Engagement – how we build it

o   Cultural change

o   New Skillset

o   The human entity in a new digital world


Sandy Hiladaki

Sandy Hiladaki is Residential Customer Services Director Fixed and Mobile, since May 2012.

She has been working with COSMOTE since 1998, undertaking a number of senior positions.

She has extensive experience in telecommunications, client service and sales, while in the past she has also worked in the finance industry.

Mrs Hiladaki holds a BA in Political Science by the National and Κapodistrian University of Athens


ACEF 2017