Benoit LeBouille (FR)

Managing Director - GEFYRA OPERATION S.A.

"Positive aura in Customer Experience"

The positive way to put the customer at the heart of our business activity.

Benoit Le Bouille

Born in 1975, Mr Benoit Le Bouille has a degree in chemical engineering from Ecole de Chimie de Lyon in France.

He joined the VINCI Group in 1999, holding a number of positions in Vinci Energy Division, before joining Vinci Highways in 2009.

In Vinci Highways he was in charge of managing the opening of the second section of the tunnel Duplex on the A86 motorway.

At the beginning of 2015, Benoit Le Bouille was appointed Managing Director and General Manager of GEFYRA LITOURGIA.

GEFYRA LITOURGIA is the company in charge of the operation of the Rion-Antirion bridge.


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