Arsenis Paschopoulos

Digital Marketer - Managing Partner, Just Online

"What makes online customers click?"

In the OFF LINE world, Customer Experience is “a customer journey which makes the customer feel happy, satisfied, served and cared, according to his/her expectations, starting from first contact and through the whole relationship”.
But what happens in the ONLINE world?  What are the "paths" the online customers follow? How can we make their experience TANGIBLE?  How can we get valuable information from their journey to use email, SMS, social media and our site or e-shop to improve their ONLINE experience?

Arsenis Paschopoulos

Arsenis is one of the first digital marketers in Greece.  His experience dates back to 1996. He is the Managing Partner of Just On Line, a digital agency which provides online advertising and e-commerce services.  He is the author of “Social Media Marketing”, and "Electronic Commerce".
He has worked in departments of the companies: Shell, Johnson & Johnson, Fiat, Boston University, Group D. Aggelopouloi, General Chemical Products. He is one of the first (1996) instructors of eCommerce seminars for SMEs and carried out ecommerce seminars for the Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship. For four years he was in charge of promotion and training SMEs in e-commerce in ASDA (Development Association of West Athens).  He has 15 years training experience in private colleges in Athens and educational organizations (Organization of Tourism Education and Training, ESEE, Career, etc.).  Graduate of Deree College, with a Master’s Degree from Boston University. His articles for business use of the Internet can be found at,, and Marketing Week.


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