Anna Karadimitriou

·         How do Greek businesses understand Customer Experience and its importance regarding financial prosperity and business growth?

·         Do Greek companies invest on developing Customer Experience for their customers and in what ways?

·         How are Greek companies organized regarding CX, do they have a CX specialized area of operation, and which other company services are involved,  interrelated or cooperating towards the company’s transformation to a “Customer Centric Era”?

·         Which are the main activities and actions taken by Greek businesses towards creating and offering a constantly exceptional  Customer Experience to their customers and to what extent these actions are developed internally or in cooperation with external, specialized professionals?

·         How satisfied are Greek companies currently with the solutions provided by CX professional experts?  Which specializations are there considered as most appropriate in offering such a service and under which prerequisites?

·         How do Greek businesses monitor CX KPI’s and CX ROI?  Which are the most expressive indeces and what are the results in the Greek market?

The above are some of the “hottest” issues that the first, in-depth, extensive B2B research study that Focus Bari designs and conducts for the 3rd Customer Experience Festival.

You can participate in the research by following the link:


Anna Karadimitriou

Anna is Vice President of Focus Bari, responsible for company’s specialization in Customer Experience and Innovation, role which she undertook after becoming a NPS2 Certified Associate by Satmetrix®

Anna started her career in Market Research in 1994 and joined FOCUS BARI in 1996 as a Qualitative Researcher. For many years she was General Manager of Ad Hoc Research having among her responsibilities department's day to day management, company’s international projects and new business development with focus on market research’s transition in the digital era. Since 2003 she is a partner and member of company’s Board of Directors.

After 20 years of successful involvement in market research she is still passionate in studying market trends & consumer insights and how these lead to actionable business decisions. She has extensive experience in designing & handling demanding qualitative and quantitative projects, with a wide spectrum of collaborations in both B2C and B2C sectors.   

Anna holds a Bsc in Psychology from the University of Athens and a MSc in Child Development from University of London. At 2012 she “went back to school” to attend a Diploma in Digital Marketing by EEDE/Carted Institute of Marketing.  

Since 2006 Anna represents FOCUS BARI in Iris network (International Research InstituteS) and is active in business articles and conference presentations in Greece and abroad. Since 2014 she participates in volunteering initiative about Digital Marketing (iMarketingSociety) and is a visiting speaker in post graduate course (DigiMa) of Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)





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