Miriam Akhtar (UK)

Positive Psychologist & Expert in the Science of Happiness

Director, Positive Psychology Training

"The Power of Positivity" - Workshop

In this workshop Miriam takes you on a journey exploring the power of positive emotions and how to get the feel-good factor. You will discover how positive emotions like joy, bliss and love don’t just feel good, they do you good too. Positive emotions broaden your thinking helping you be creative and productive. They also build psychological resources that help you bounce back from stress, strengthen your resilience and put you on the path to flourishing.

·Try out the habits of happiness, which increase positive emotions.
·Discover how gratitude is much more than saying thank you.
·Learn how to savour to maximise enjoyment of a positive experience.

 Miriam Akhtar

Miriam Akhtar is a positive psychologist and expert in the science of happiness. She is one of 100 global experts invited to contribute to the World Book of Happiness and has been named by Top Santé magazine as one of ‘100 Names You Need to Know in Health & Wellbeing.’  Miriam works as a trainer, coach and speaker.             She is on the faculty of the Executive Masters in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Lisbon. Her expertise is in designing wellbeing programmes for work and life, which range from Happiness Habits to Positive Ageing.

Miriam is a published author of 5 books. Her new book, What is Post-traumatic Growth is published in May 2017. She is often featured in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV and is a sought-after consultant working with creative and media agencies.





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