Elena Mitsibona

Co-founder & Managing Director, Secret Key

Elena is a Co-Founder & the Managing Director of  SECRET KEY (www.secretkey.gr) , the Consultancy who provides companies with Sales Development  Solutions as well as  Customer-Centric Culture programs ( encompassing everything from building an effective Customer Experience Strategy &  mapping the customer journey to developing behavioral KPIs , training  , coaching & receiving  customer feedback)

Elena- since 2010-  is the exclusive  Regional Partner for Greece, Balkans, Cyprus & Turkey of  PORTER HENRY & CO (www.porterhenry.com),the  US company that  literally invented the sales training industry 70 years ago.  Having been trained  & certified by Porter Henry , Elena and her team help their clients to accelerate sales growth developing an effective system of Managing Sales Performance developing a wide range of productivity indicators .

 Elena is also an  International Strategic Partner of ICSA (International Customer Service Association-USA) and launched in Greece on 2014 the first International Certification Program “STRATEGIC INNOVATION ON CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE DESIGN “for Senior Management Executives .

 She is the Founder and Chairman of the ATHENS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE FESTIVAL (www.customerexperiencesociety.com), the experiential Conference that shapes in the region  the hallmarks of the Customer Experience Design  and highlights international  best practices  in the Customer Experience Innovation field.

Elena has been  awarded in the category of "International Customer Service Trainer" by the European Customer Service Training Network (London, July 2012)and  joined the team of Judges at the CS Training Awards on 2012 . 

Her clients span insdustries such as  automotive, FMCG, retail, pharma, professional services, financial /banking , hospitality etc..

 At the past Elena was a Partner in both Response (www.response-intl.com) & Linkage  (www.linkageinc.com) from December 2006 to November 2010 . Using her International HRM knowledge  contributed to many People Development & Assessment projects across the Southern Eastern  Europe from 2001 to 2010. Elena has also served as the Regional Linkage Network Director(2009-2010)having been involved in several Leadership Development  programs with quality clients . 

She was the Project Manager for the foundation of the Hellenic Institute of Customer Service (www.customerservice.gr ) on 2003 and has  served as an elected Member of the Board at HICS  until May 2010 . Elena  designed and launched  the Hellenic Customer Service Awards  (2008) and  initiated in Greece the National Customer Service Week(2009). 

Elena holds a MSc in International Human Resources Management by Cranfield School of Management, a MBA in Marketing  by University of Wales and a Psychology Degree by the National Kapodistrian University of Athens..